Coffee Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day


In most parts of the world, February 14th is usually celebrated as Valentine’s day so lovers exchange gifts on this day.

We do know that the month of February is usually set aside for romance and the 14th day which is St. Valentine’s day has footprints from ancient Roman and Christian traditions but who is this Saint Valentine and how did he become intertwined with this historic day?

Three different St. Valentine legends exist in which all three were martyred and recognized by the Catholic church of old.

The first was a third-century Roman priest who secretly helped young men get married when marriage was outlawed.

Another legend suggests Valentine may have helped Christians escape from harsh prisons in the Roman empire while the other says Valentine was a prisoner who wrote a letter to his lover with the still currently used expression; “From your Valentine.”

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your coffee-loving partner, here are some Valentine’s Day coffee gifts ideas you can use to let them know they are always on your mind. 

Coffee and Check Valentine's Day coffee gifts

1. Customizable Coffee Mug

Check this mug out, it’s a fully customizable mug that can help your loved one start their mornings the right way, it comes in a vibrant color and a quality ceramic makeup which makes it a good selection as a Valentine’s gift.

There’s double-sided printing so you can include two different images of your partner on this mug.

2. Coffee Basket

Your partner will need a bag to store all those coffee grounds, mugs, and other coffee-making accessories.

This is a decorative coffee storage pod that comes with a scratch free surface and a diamond pattern that effectively holds pods and prevents them from falling out.

This is a perfect store for coffee pods as it can house up to 20 pods.

Customizable Coffee Mug
Customizable Coffee Mug

3. Cafetiere

Also called a Coffee Press, the traditional Cafetiere has a cylindrical beaker where the final coffee is stored, a base to store the coffee grounds and a plunger that functions during brewing.

Cafetieres have a durable design, it’s made of heat resistant borosilicate glass with a BPA-free base and handle. It doesn’t require paper filters or plastic capsules so it’s environmentally friendly.

4. Milk Frother

If your partner doesn’t mind a drop or two of milk in their coffee, they’ll need a milk frother to get it right.

This one from Bonsenkitchen is a lightweight battery-operated milk frother for making homemade delicate foams for cappuccinos and lattes.

It comes with a convenient one-touch switch for easy operation and also very easy to clean, just put in running water and that’ll do the job.

5. Coffee Scented Candle

Looking for the perfect candle to gift your loved ones? One that creates a great smell when you both are around each other?

Look no further, this candle comes in three beautiful packs to impress your loved one.

The fragrance oil exudes aromas that work on their mood so if they’re having a bad day, this could help with stress relief.

6. Coffee Aroma Kit

The quality of your coffee grounds determines the nature of the aroma you’ll get while brewing, a kit like this one from Aromaster helps you identify common aromas found in coffee.

The kit has 24 different aromas and an aroma illustration card in ten languages.

7. A Coffee Date

If you have everything you need to make a good cup of coffee, a Valentine’s dinner date at home where you both grind coffee and brew while trying different flavors should be exciting.

You can use the leftover coffee beans to draw the love heart sign on the bed or on the dining table while you’re both enjoying that cup of coffee. 

Valentine’s Day Coffee Gifts

This valentine’s day what will you buy your loved one?

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