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The coffee that helps you remember the night before


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The coffee that helps you remember the night before.

We’ve all been there. And when you are there, you need a coffee that works for you. Deja Brew is unique in that it works well as espresso, filter, cafetiere or even milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Combining beans from Asia, Africa and India, you’re left with a tantalising after taste of chocolate toffee and a hint of smoky spice.



Indian coffee

The addition of the Indian beans in this blend gives it complex spice flavours.

brazillian coffee

Papua New Guinea beans are renowned for their medium body and spicy-nut finish.

guatemalan coffee

The low acidic Kenyan bean is a perfect complement to the others. It offers the chocolate and earth tones needed.


Chocolate, Toffee, Spice


This coffee is a great all-rounder, really something for everyone.

Brew notes

Aeropress or cafetiere



You’re trying to remember something you did the night before but you can’t quite put your finger to it.


As a last resort you get everyone round who was there that night.


You plan to offer them all the DejaBrew blend in the hope they reveal what actually happened. Spoiler: they do.

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The science bit

What do you get for your money? Find out in our ‘how many cups guide’.

Roast Type

The roast level determines the taste. Light roasts retain more caffeine and original flavour characteristics. Medium roasts have a better-balanced flavour. Dark roasts often have a bitter, smoky flavour, heavy body, with less caffeine retention.

medium roast coffee


Acidity – often known as “brightness” describes the additional flavours of the coffee. Less bright coffees just taste like coffee. Coffees with high brightness have other flavours that ‘pop’. If you want exciting flavours – pick a coffee with high acidity.

medium acidity coffee


Body is the texture of the coffee – how it feels when it reaches your mouth. Body is not something you taste but something you feel. A light body will feel like skimmed milk, a medium body like semi-skimmed and a full body like whole milk.

Medium body coffee
coffee and check blends

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