Coffee Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

It’s that time of the year again when you can treat your coffee-loving mom to a memorable mother’s day present and experience something special together.

It can be difficult to make a good decision when you have a lot of options out there, but our Mother’s Day Coffee Gift Guide gives you a few options to try

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1. Travel Coffee Mug

Most coffee lovers consume it every day, and sometimes, they’d need to do it while they’re far away from home.

Your mom would love a coffee mug because it’s more convenient than using paper, a lot of them are spill-proof.

Heat retention is another important factor, an insulated mug would enable her keep the drink hot for several hours, and this also works if she likes her coffee cold.

The mugs from Hydro Flask and Contigo are two great products you can try.

The Hydro Flask mug stands out with a BPA free cap so there’d be no chemicals in your drink but both prevent heat loss for hours.

2. Hand Stamped Coffee Spoons

If you’re finding it difficult expressing your love for your mum on mother’s day, you can get a hand stamped spoon that does it for you, every day.

Sharing how you feel about her strengthens the bond between you two, and if you live far away from home, something as simple as a coffee spoon can keep you in her thoughts.

There are many nice words you could write on her spoon and this spoon and the other one from Boston Creative are two you can start with.

3. Milk Frother

Milk foam is a very important ingredient on most coffee recipes today and you can’t get it right without a milk frother.

Your mom just needs to beat the milk to produce foam that meets her taste.

Milk frothers are very easy to use and maintain, they come in manual and electric versions so you can choose a convenient variant for her.

These frothers from Zulay, Bonsenkitchen and Bean Envy are affordable options you can try.

4. Coffee Maker

If mom likes doing things herself, she’d enjoy making herself a tasty drink every morning with a coffee maker.


Most of them are easy to assemble and clean after use. Coffee makers that come with a grinder help you grind your own beans so you can avoid the stale taste that comes with old coffee beans.

As she becomes used to the coffee maker, switching between flavors until she gets the perfect hit becomes easier.

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 and this Hamilton Beach coffee are two options you should check out.

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5. Espresso Machine

Many, even some coffee enthusiasts, don’t know this but a coffee maker and an espresso machine are not the same thing.

An espresso machine is used to make espressos which are finely ground and not the regular drip coffee maker.


This affects brewing time as the espresso machine takes up a short time because of the fine coffee grounds.

The machines from Breville and Nespresso are two that really deliver value for your money.

6. Coffee Grinder

Does your mom’s coffee maker come without a grinder? That’s something that can be fixed by getting her a separate coffee grinder.

Using pre-ground coffee beans is a good option if she uses everything in the pack on her coffee, but that’s usually not the case and pre-ground beans loses its taste over time.

That’s why she needs a coffee grinder, and I’d say a hand coffee grinder is the best option for her.

Hand grinders are portable and quieter than electric grinders.

Two hand coffee grinders with lots of exciting features are the Handground and JavaPresse grinders.

7. Water Filter

The quality of water used in making coffee contributes to its quality and safety.

Your mom shouldn’t be using tap water for her coffee. Tap water could contain sediments, chlorine and chemicals that are above their recommended limits.

You don’t want to trust bottled water either, ‘cause some are just bottled tap water. Also, chemicals from unfiltered water like limestone can build up and shorten the life of her coffee machine.

Getting her that filter would really go a long way in getting her that delicious cup of coffee.

The PUR and Brita water filters are two great options.

8. Coffee Scented Candle

Getting your mom a coffee scented candle is the perfect way to keep her relaxed with that coffee feel even when she’s not having a drink.

These candles would keep her home smelling amazing and can even be used for decoration.

Smell is associated with memories and those memories are what these candles can create, especially on mother’s day.

The candles fight stress by relieving anxiety and can help her relax if she’s struggling with sleep.

These candles provide a beautiful caffeine fragrance and can also be used on other days like her birthday.

Here’s one of such candles from Old Factory she’d love.

Apart from candles, there are also coffee-scented shower gels, makeup, tarts and soaps available.

9. Coffee Jewelry and Accessories

Jewellery emerged as the most popular choice for mother’s day gifting in 2015 and it’s almost impossible for that to change even in the future.

The first thing you should do is take note of her style, does she wear bracelets, necklaces or earrings?

You can also check with your siblings to get a better sense of her taste.

The market is filled with all kinds of coffee jewelry and accessories, from coffee pencils, bags and joulies to necklaces, rings and enamel pins, you’d definitely find something she’d love.

10. Color Changing Mug

Color changing mugs are actually heat-sensitive mugs. The deal with them is that they work by thermochromism.

When heat fluctuates, the color of the mug changes so this will be good for moms that like their coffee hot.

When the temperature reduces below normal, she can simply place the drink back on a mug warmer if she has one.

There’s a color changing mug for just about every personality out there, so there’s one for the Harry Potter fan, history lover mom and even the climate change enthusiast.

11. Starbucks App

Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee brands in the world, if there’s a Starbucks restaurant near your mom, she needs their app installed on her device.

The Starbucks customer loyalty rewards program is the most regularly used among major restaurant chains and it’s not hard to see why.

The app makes it very easy to order and pay for coffee. Your mom can earn free drinks and food when she redeems her rewards and the app even helps with directions to coffee houses near her.

Mother’s Day Coffee Gift Guide

Now you have some ideas of the types of things you could buy your mum for mother’s day, why not start early and make the purchase now! 


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