How to Make Iced Coffee With Keurig

Summer is fast approaching and the idea of a cold coffee to wake you up and cool you down sound idyllic. Did you know it’s possible to make tasty iced coffee using only your Keurig maker?

What’s more, there’s little to no planning required. It’s a super easy recipe and you can try it today. So save your money at Starbucks or your local coffee house and enjoy your iced coffee at home!

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Why drink iced coffee

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If you’re a caffeine-loving fiend, then you can’t go a day without a cup of coffee. But when the weather gets warmer, a steaming cup of joe feels less appealing.

And sure, you could go to Starbucks every day, but spending $4 on a coffee very quickly adds up.

Iced coffee is such a simple recipe because (as the name suggests) it’s simply coffee poured over ice.

It’s delicious and tasty and you can make it right at home.

Total time

5 minutes


  1. (If you’re planning on making more for your friends, simply double the recipe).


Christmas Coffee Gift Guide: Make it Special


1 k-cup dark roasted coffee (pick your favourite blend)

Enough ice cubes to fill the container you plan to drink from

Milk (optional)

Sugar (optional)

Flavouring (optional)




Step 1.

Start by brewing a k-cup of coffee on the smallest cup setting on your Keurig. We recommend the 4oz setting. But if your Keurig doesn’t have that option, you can go for the 6oz.

Step 2.

Set out some ice cubes in a glass, mug, beaker or whatever you plan to drink out of.

Step 3.

As soon as the coffee is ready, slowly pour your coffee over the ice cubes. You don’t even need to wait for the coffee to cool down (that’s what the ice cubes are for). It’s important that you pour the coffee slowly.

Optional step 4.

If you want to make your iced coffee taste even sweeter, then why not try adding some milk*, or even some coffee flavouring like caramel, hazelnut or vanilla.

Milk* if you’re vegan or dairy intolerant, why not opt for a dairy substitute milk like oat, soya or nut milk.


Do I need to wait for the coffee to cool down?

No, you don’t need to wait for the coffee to cool down, as the ice will do that for you. As soon as the coffee is ready, simply pour it slowly over the ice and enjoy.

Do I need to use specially-made iced coffee k-cups?

No, you don’t need to buy or use special iced-coffee k-cups. You can use any k-cups you like. Pick your favourite blend and start making right away.

Is there a limit to the amount of ice I use?

There’s no limit the amount of ice you use. It really depends on your own tastes. But do keep in mind that the more ice you use, the weaker the coffee will be. For some people, they like their coffee weak and so adding more ice makes sense. But if you like your coffee strong, we recommend only using around 4-6 ice cubes.


Does it matter what coffee I use?

It doesn’t matter but ideally, you want bolder, stronger roasts as the ice will dilute some of the flavours.

When do I add sugar?

If you’re going to add sugar to your iced coffee, then be sure to add it in when it’s hot, before you pour it over the ice. This way all the sugar will dissolve and you won’t be left with any sugar residue at the bottom of your glass.

Vietnamese iced coffee in Keurig

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a Vietnamese iced coffee in your Keurig.

The steps are the same as above, although instead of adding normal milk, you add sweetened condensed milk.

You’ll want to add only 2-3 tablespoons of condensed milk and stir and drink.

Instructions for Vietnamese iced coffee in Keurig

Step 1.

Brew your k-cup of coffee on the smallest cup setting. If your lowest setting is 6oz, use that, if not opt for 4oz.

Step 2.

Choose the container you plan to drink from and add 4-7 ice cubes, depending on how strong you want your coffee to taste.

Step 3.

When your coffee is ready, add 2-3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and give it a stir. If you plan to add sugar or sweetener flavours, add this now.

Step 4.

As soon as your mixture is stirred well, slowly pour the coffee over your ice cubes. The slower you do it the better.

You’re ready to make iced coffee with your Keurig

We’ve outlined the simple easy steps you need to take in order to make iced coffee with your Keurig.

Don’t be fooled into paying crazy amounts of money each summer for iced coffee when you can make perfectly good coffee at home.

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