Best Digital Kitchen Scales For Brewing Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee is not a random mix and make recipe. It involves calculated measuring and careful brewing using kitchen coffee scales.

You might have come across various methods of brewing coffee and probably even tried some at home but have you wondered why you’re not getting that perfect barista-style coffee? 

Chances are there might be some problems with your measuring scoop. 

This post has the best digital kitchen scales in the market with a guide on how to choose one that suits your needs. 

Why Use A Coffee Scale

A digital kitchen scale helps you get rid of the guesswork while making coffee. Consistency is the most important thing in making a perfect cup of coffee. 

Using a measuring scoop or a simple spoon to measure out your beans or grounds means you may not get an accurate measurement if you’re following a recipe and if you brew something good, it’ll be difficult to repeat.

Best Digital Kitchen Coffee Scales


Here are some of the best coffee scales that can help you with easy and precise measurements while brewing coffee:

1. Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto

When it comes to buying a digital kitchen scale for brewing coffee, the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto is one of the top options. With a large surface, it provides a wide weighing capacity. It has a maximum weighing capacity of 179.84 ounces. 

It has a sleek and elegant design and is lightweight so you can carry it around anywhere. It has an automatic unit button that readily converts between 5 different units of measurement. 

The tare button on the right side gives you an accurate weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of the container in which you have the ingredient. 

The drawbacks are quite similar to those in most digital coffee scales. The turn off time after the device becomes inactive is quite short and the scale is made of lightweight plastic. 


2. Coffee Gator

The coffee gator digital scale is a multifunction weighing scale for coffee and other foods in your kitchen. It can measure in pounds, ounces, fluid ounces and liters, the latter two reserved for liquids.

It provides accurate measurements ranging from 0.003 ounces to 105 ounces making everything from brewing to baking an absolute breeze. There’s a tray to make measuring large amounts of ingredients easier. It also has a rubber mat and feet to protect the scale and keep it steady. 

Some drawbacks of the coffee gator scale are that it sometimes shows measurements involving decimal points inaccurately and is a bit expensive as compared to other digital kitchen scales. 


3. Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale

With a minimalist and stylish design, it is a multifunctional scale that measures in grams as well as ounces. 

It has a tare function that allows you to reset the scale to zero after placing an empty container on the scale. The scale also turns off automatically during inactivity so you don’t have to worry about turning it off after measuring. 

It has a weighing capacity of 11 pounds. It is easy to clean and also has a sleek and modern design, it’s a relatively inexpensive option as compared to other digital scales. 

Some problems that users have reported are that the weighing space of the scale is smaller which means that it’s not suitable for large containers and the batteries sometime drain out quickly. 


4. Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Weight Scale

With a stainless steel body and backlit display, the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale is one of the best choices for coffee scales. It has a wide and flat weighing platform that offers ease to the user. 

It has high precision sensors in all 4 corners of the scale to give the user accurate measurements wherever they place the container on the weighing platform. The backlit display allows easy reading of the measurements on the display. 

Apart from the appealing look of the digital scale, the stainless steel body makes it sturdy and durable as well. The digital scale weighs up to 11 pounds and can measure in four different units including oz, ml, lb, and gram. 

It has some common cons like most coffee scales such as having a short turn-off time after inactivity and it drains batteries faster than other coffee scales. 


5. Hario V60 coffee scale

The Hario V60 drip coffee scale is specifically designed for brewing coffee, that’s because Hario makes a lot of other accessories for brewing coffee.

It is slim and has a very appealing design. The precision that comes with this beautiful design makes it one of the best choices for digital kitchen scales. 

It has touch-sensitive buttons as well as a built-in timer. The scale automatically turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity. It provides accurate measurements in 0.1 gram increments for increased precision and accuracy. 

A few drawbacks of buying the Hario scale are that it is relatively more expensive among the best coffee scales and it only measures in one measuring unit, i.e. grams. 


Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Kitchen Scale 


Most digital kitchen scales are pretty basic and they do not differ much in terms of features but there are some things that you must consider while picking out the best kitchen scale for brewing coffee at home. 

Weighing Capacity

The first thing to consider when buying a digital kitchen scale is the weighing capacity of the scale. 

Most scales have a standard maximum weighing capacity of 176 ounces. Some substandard digital scales have a weighing capacity of 70.54 ounces while there are also some good ones with a maximum weighing capacity of 160 ounces. 

Size of coffee scales

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the scale. They come in different sizes. You will have to choose one that suits your lifestyle especially if you want to carry it when traveling or camping. 

Precision coffee scales

Some coffee scales offer accurate and precise readings of measurements while others don’t measure weights less than 1 gram. For brewing coffee, you should buy a kitchen scale with more precision. 

Auto-Shutoff Feature

Digital kitchen scales often have an auto-off feature that allows the scale to turn off after a period of inactivity. 

For some coffee brewers, this might be a problem especially if you make pour-over coffee though there are some scales that allow you to disable this setting. 

Consider the battery life and auto-off feature of the scale before buying. 

Some digital kitchen scales also come with special features. It is best to consider and compare all the features of different coffee scales to make the best choice. 

Digital kitchen scales help you make precise and accurate measurements and you can use this post as your guide when buying one. 

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