Best Gaggia Espresso Machine

For all coffee lovers, it starts with a hot and brimming cup of espresso at a café and soon they are looking for options to get an espresso machine at home. 

Espresso machines force a small amount of pressurized boiling water through ground coffee to brew a thick foamy espresso. 

This post provides an in-depth review into the best Gaggia espresso machines, what makes them the best picks and where to buy one. 

Why Use Gaggia?

Founded in 1947, Gaggia is a subsidiary of the Saeco group and has been one of the common names in the coffee industry for some time now. 

Saeco itself is a part of the renowned electronics brand, Philips. Achielle Gaggia is the founder of the company and he patented the first machine in September 1938. 

The Gaggia brand is responsible for some of the innovation in espresso machine design.  

Gaggia machines were originally designed for cafés and other coffee business hubs but designs for the home have been very common in recent times. 

The company has a very rich history and is one you can rely on to get a high-quality brew and perfect performance on your espresso machines. 

Best Gaggia Espresso Machine

Best Gaggia Espresso Machine

There are many espresso machines manufactured by Gaggia, this post provides the best five of them. Look at some of them and the reasons you can choose from this batch:

1. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera is a finely designed and relatively small automatic espresso machine that optimizes the kitchen space. It is one of the best machines to get different types of coffee like espresso, cappuccino, lattes, etc. 

The Pannarello wand is a great feature for frothing cappuccinos and lattes. It is easy to use and provides convenient access to dreg drawers, drip tray and water tank at the front of the machine. 

The push control buttons and LED display allow programmable brewing with an exquisite experience for the coffee lovers. 

Gaggia Brera also has a smart system of rapid steam technology that provides the best brewing and steaming operations with quick heat-up times. 

The only drawbacks that come with the espresso machine are that it has a small water tank that can last only 4-5 shots of espresso and the machine has many plastic components and these do cast doubts on its durability.  


2. Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro

Gaggia Classic Pro is one of the best semi-automatic espresso machines available in the market among the espresso machine brands. 

With a brushed stainless steel body, the machine has commercial components that provide café quality espresso. 

The commercial wand froths milk into a velvety and foamy texture for topping lattes. It has a 58 mm portafilter and a 3-way solenoid valve to give you the best café style espresso at home. 

Along with the ESE pods, it comes with both pressurized and unpressurized baskets. It also has an easy to use control panel and a large removable water tank.

Some drawbacks of Gaggia Classic Pro are that it takes up more space in the kitchen as compared to other Gaggia espresso machines, it also has a low coffee spout which prevents you from using bigger mugs. 


3. Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine

Gaggia Anima is a super-automatic espresso machine with a sleek and smart design. The Pannarello steam wand allows smooth and velvety frothing for lattes. 

It has the wonderful feature of programmable brewing which allows the machine to save and remember the settings for the exact style of coffee you regularly brew. 

It has adjustable strength and temperature settings and a bypass doser which makes pre-ground coffee for convenient brewing of coffee. 

The smart design provides easy access to the water tank and bean hopper at the top left and top right of the machine respectively.

The only downsides of the Gaggia Anima are that it has a plastic exterior body which decreases its durability and the bean hopper lid is not airtight. 


4. Gaggia RI8263/47 Velasca Prestige Espresso Machine

Gaggia Velasca Prestige is a robust and super-automatic espresso machine. It has one-touch brewing and frothing features that allow easy brewing of coffee and automatic frothing for lattes. 

It also has programmable brewing options with 3 adjustable temperature controls. The smart operations of this espresso machine provide 5 brew strengths and 10 fineness settings. It gives easy access to the water reservoir at the front. 

The programmable controls provide customized brews and the bypass doser lets you make pre-ground coffee. 

Some cons of this espresso machine are that the controls are a bit complicated to use and the steam wand is also difficult to control. 


5. Gaggia Carezza De Luxe

Gaggia Carezza De Luxe is a small semi-automatic espresso machine with a smart design. The Pannarello wand makes a foamy and velvety froth for lattes and if you need hot water for your coffee and tea, you can also use this. 

The simple control buttons and pressurized portafilter makes ground coffee as well as ESE pods. It also has a pre-infusion feature which helps you soak grounds before brewing to give a more rich taste to your coffee. 

The smart system of the espresso machine provides it with its automatic shut-off system so if it’s not operating for more than 9 minutes, it shuts down to conserve energy. 

It also provides easy access to the water reservoir at the front. 

The Gaggia Carezza De Luxe espresso machine has some operational complications and flaws. It does not provide the perfect and accurate controls as you would expect from a semi-automatic espresso machine. 

Best Gaggia Espresso Machine


When you’re searching for a coffee machine, smart and modern designs are things you want to look for. Time tested reputation for quality and perfection is another factor. 

Gaggia espresso machines provide all of these. It has introduced the innovative commercial features of an espresso machine in a solution for home espresso machines. 

The smart designs, automatic operations and historical reputation of quality make it stand out among other espresso machine brands and you can use this review if you’re looking for one of Gaggia’s machines. 

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