Cafetiere vs Aeropress: Which one to choose?

Your brewing method plays a huge role in determining how tasty the final cup of coffee will be, and your coffee maker influences the brewing method. This post compares the more common cafetiere to the new Aeropress, both great coffee makers with differences in versatility, brewing time, ease of use and other factors that shape … Read more

Coffee Terms Glossary

It’s easy to get confused by a lot of the terms used by fans and enthusiasts in the coffee industry, especially if you’re a novice. That’s why we’ve put together this coffee terms glossary to help you better understand what people are talking about. Sorted alphabetically, here’s an exhaustive list of key terms that can … Read more

Chemex vs Cafetiere: Which to Choose?

Manual coffee-brewing methods are all the rage today and the Chemex and cafetiere devices are partly responsible for that. You’ll get a coffee that’s more flavorful and one which guarantees you more control when you get a manual machine. They’re quite portable as compared to the automated ones and allow you room for creativity. Before … Read more