Arabica vs Robusta: Which Coffee Bean Suits you Best?

There are thousands of coffee varieties out there but only two stand out in quality and drive the economics of the industry, the Arabica and the Robusta or Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta if you like.  60% of the world’s coffee is the Arabica coffee cultivated mainly in South America while the Robusta coffee, cultivated … Read more

V60 vs Chemex: What’s The Difference

  V60 vs chemex: A big decision you’ll need to make if you want to brew coffee, especially if you’ll be homebrewing is choosing the perfect coffee maker for your roasts. If you’ve settled on a manual coffee maker, the V60 and Chemex are two popular devices you’ll come across and they’re compared a lot … Read more

What Is Cascara?

  Cascara is one of those shiny new words in the coffee industry today but if you’ve been following the trends for years now, you’ll know it’s already been a thing in Africa, the Middle East and some parts of South America. Its popularity has only been on the rise recently in America and many … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Filters

Many coffee aficionados or just anyone who’s been around the industry for some time has heard a thing or two about coffee filters. So we’ve put together this coffee filter guide to help you navigate the entire landscape. Bleached or unbleached filters, paper or metal filters and arguments over different manufacturers do dominate a lot … Read more

What Is Nitro Coffee?

There are many trends in the coffee industry no one can actually point to their origins, they just seem to take a life of their own and start getting entire conferences dedicated to them.  Today we’re going to look further at nitro coffee. Cold brew coffee, coffee cocktails, and their different recipes and now nitro … Read more

Does Coffee Go Bad?

Many people will like to know how long the food they just bought is going to last, if you’re a coffee lover, when your coffee will go bad is one question you’ll like answered. The shelf life of your coffee will depend on so many factors, when they were bought, the expiry date on the … Read more

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